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Rob's Painting and Power-Washing LLC

"Let us do the dirty work"

Established 2013


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    Ocean & Monmouth Counties

"Let us do the dirty work"

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Power-Washing &

Your home is important to us! We use proven techniques along with state of the art equipment to provide the most reliable and efficient cleaning process. We use environmentally friendly soaps and detergents to make your house and property look brand new.

We clean a variety of different surfaces including:

  • Vinyl siding
  • Stucco
  • Aluminum siding
  • Cedar siding
  • Roofs
  • Decks (all types of wood, composite, fiberglass)
  • Concrete
  • Pavers

And More!

Power-Washing VS Soft-Washing

Knowing the difference between power-washing and soft-washing is important when hiring someone to clean your property. Many surfaces should not have high pressure used on them such as vinyl siding, roofs, and composite decks, painted surfaces, etc. for risk of serious damage.

Soft-Washing is a technique we use to clean a surface with minimal pressure (low psi). It is the process of using specialized detergents and soaps to kill and clean all mold, mildew, and dirt from the surface with our long range equipment. We use different detergents for different surfaces in need of cleaning. Our soft-washing technique is able to clean siding and decks,
restore roof color, clean and brighten wood, and also remove rust stains.

Power-Washing is still used for some surfaces where pressure is needed to clean the surface properly. We are very careful in choosing which surfaces require pressure and which do not. Concrete pool decks, driveways, sidewalks, and gutters are some of the surfaces we use our high-pressure surface cleaner and pressure washing wands on.

We have the experience, knowledge, and equipment you can rely on for safe and clean results,
every time!

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